Attention to details


The strength of our company is the type of patented processing with a machine invented by ourselves that brushes and chisels making our stones unique pieces with a taste that is both modern and rustic at the same time.

The other types of processing we perform are brushed, sandblasted, brushed sandblasted, bush-hammered, brushed bush-hammered or polished, all by treating the stones always with an open hole in order not to lose their natural appearance.

In recent years, other types of processing with a great scenographic effect have been introduced such as braid, large striped, fine striped or scratched fabric or linear scratched. These particular processes are carried out on all stones and marbles from Italy, France, Egypt, Tunisia and Iran.

The tiles we make for floors and walls are all calibrated 13 mm thick and, in addition to these, we also make tops for kitchens and bathrooms, custom shower trays, sinks and bowls of any shape.